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A great passion for the Lusitano horse and suitable property were the basic ingredients for establishing International Gosto Equino.

The Stud Farm (Coudelaria) International Gosto Equino was established in 2003 at Lapas, which is surrounded by small hills with the river Almonda flowing through the centre. Lapas is in Torres Novas approximately 15 kms from Golegã, 20kms from Fátima and 80kms from Lisbon.

By combining four essential elements, morphological proportions, movement, concentration and temperament, International Gosto Equino (IGE) is attempting to create a "new model" Lusitano horse specifically for dressage.

Distancing itself from traditional concepts, IGE is different in that horses are not branded but instead micro chips are inserted. IGE do not only use the grey Lusitano for dressage but breed horses of different colours and believe strongly that the temperament of the Lusitano horse is universally kind and willing, noble and generous, efficient for dressage, other equestrian disciplines or as a working and pleasure riding horse.

IGE have at their disposal 50 horses and two exceptional pure bred Lusitano stallions, Pino and Sal.

Pino is an elegant champagne colour (Isabel) stallion, very typical of the breed with exceptional movements. Pino is able to pass on to his offspring his best characteristics, temperament, conformation and movement.

Sal is a more experienced horse in dressage, and has won in the local circuit several classes (placed 2nd level E at the national championship 2004; 1st place, level M in 2005, and in 2006 was also placed 3rd level C.In march 2009 started Grand Prix in GERMANY, get classification to make Kur.Besides being an excellent and experienced dressage horse, one of his main assets is his gentleness, calmness and absolute trust.

IGE has the necessary infrastructure to accommodate leisure and competition riding.

There are 25 well built stables, an indoor arena of Olympic dimensions (60 x 20m), an outdoor training arena 70 x 30m, and a mechanical walker/exerciser, besides a group of excellent professionals.



A passion for horses, determination, professionalism together with the staff contribution, particularly from Celine Duarte, who runs the riding school, contributes towards IGE´s success.